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so like, not to be crass, but what the f is a “diabetic recipe”…? correct me if i’m wrong, but these days (god, i hope i’m right here) it seems as though people are moving away from the whole “diabetes defines me” gig, and moving towards a more, “i just live a really baller lifestyle and eat healthy stuff when i can because it’s good for me” model. not once have i ever said, “mmmmmm! i’m going dethaw and microwave myself  SUGAR FREE pre-made meal, that sounds divine and so nutritious.” no, in fact, i think my life has been lean cuisine free since 2010. thank you, thank you, i know, it’s been tough!

the whole world of wellness and nutrition can be an overwhelming one to navigate if it’s something you’ve never kept an eye on before. but since we’re diabetics, that’s not the case, RIIIIIGHT GUYS? all you need to do these days, in order to tackle this universe of, “you really should be incorporating this into your diet” and “don’t you dare eat that” is use your 5 senses to enlighten you about what tastes and styles of food you enjoy, what makes you feel energized, what makes your body look the way you believe it should, and enables you to life the lifestyle you want to live.

unfortunately, nutrition theories have changed drastically over the last few years and are, without a doubt, a consistently evolving subject. i mean, a mere three weeks ago i was trying to go paleo. no gluten, no starches, no dairy. no FUN. not surprisingly, this brilliant attempt backfired on me totally, i rebelled, and gained 10lbs. tragic.

thanks to this handy dandy thing called the internet, we now have a bajillion tools (don’t quote me on that number, fairly certain it’s fabricated) we can access in mere seconds that will build us a portfolio of knowledge guiding us towards making healthier, wiser, more informed decisions about our approach to a “diabetes friendly wellness plan”…not all of it is ACCURATE, however, so be mindful of that of course (duh, interwebs 101… aced that class in like, 5th grade.) so where is my favorite place to go for inspiration and education? pinterest. why? one word: crowdsourcing. if you’re not familiar with this term, it basically means, asking for or seeking out opinions and ideas from other fine folks regarding a specific topic.

i believe that the best information out there is the stuff that comes from other human beings. not doctors, not webmd, not big corporations, and certainly not anything or anyone who has ever come in close proximity to miley cyrus. i prefer to listen to other people just like you and me that test their blood sugar right when they wake up, clip their insulin pump to their bras, and move on with their days. pinterest is a giant database of ideas, tips, recipes, and my favorite: totally corny motivational quotes, that we can access whenever we need something or are in the mood for some creative inspiration in the form of what my friends and i call, “a pinning vortex.”

one of the reasons that i love pinterest for diabetes management ideas, is that it doesn’t pigeon hole me into believing that my diet requires me to access a separate, special magazine or website to find foods that work for me. mostly because, what we, as diabetics, should be eating, is exactly what the rest of the world should be eating. clean, fresh, less ingredients, more complex carbohydrates, multi -grain, low – glycemic index goodies that you find at the best quality. we should ALL be eating strategically throughout the day to fuel our bodies and give us energy and nutrition, not just folks with wonky pancreas problems.

so, if you don’t have a pinterest. i vote you give it a whirl. search for some stuff in there that interests you, diabetes related or not, and start making boards. i have like, roughly a million boards and i invite

you to take a gander at them because i think they’re pretty sweet. i even have one that’s dedicated to clean eating and gives me all kinds of recipes, motivation to not eat highly processed garbage from a box or the freezer, and most importantly, makes me feel NORMAL and like i’m doing my body a favor. check out that board here and HAPPY PINNING! 


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