going coo coo for coconut oil.

well rounded wellness

urlhow crappy does your skin feel right now?

every morning when i wake up i can feel 25 years of dehydration, dry, freezing, recycled air, fluctuating diet, alcohol dehydration and like, bad karma setting in around my eyes and across my forehead.

the winter is so super brutal on our epidermis and it is critical for us to pay at least a teensy bit of attention to it so we don’t look like the crypt keeper prematurely.

as diabetics, we need to take especially good care of our skin. along with all our other fun things, we are more prone to dryness, cracking, the itchies, and all sorts of glamorous complications that can come with that nastiness. of course, keeping your numbers in check helps prevent these symptoms because wonky numbers leads toxin flushes (duh, diabetes 101) which is a no-no. at the end of the day, though, sensitive skin is something we all struggle with.

the solution? da coconut!

coconut oil has been proven to be a majorly super duper tool with everything from cooking your eggs to conditioning your hair to clearing up blemishes or eczema. i primarily use it for cooking because my paleo pal, jackie, made me do it. recently, i got the courage to try rubbin’ some of that tropical smelly goop on my bod,  and let me tell ya… right away the magic kicked in.

so here’s the sales pitch:

where do you buy this freaky stuff?
whole foods, trader joe’s, ok fine…basically any major grocery chain. and my little secret? tj maxx and marshall’s!

am i’m really spending my time telling you that you need to rub a solid, awkward substance on your skin?
yep. you’ll thank me later. maybe even bring this gold into the bedroom and ask for a massage from your hubs. then you’ll really thank me later.

ok, omg i’m so offended…you’re still not convinced, i can tell.
here, look at this. i borrowed some compelling health benefits from the fabulous blog, MyBodyZen. it’s even in picture format:
i’m not in sales so i probably suck at this and you still think coconut oil is weird and gross, jeez, you guys are a tough crowd…
jk, i’m sure you read this and like, bolted out the door to go get yourself a fresh tub of this stuff. but if you’re still a little apprehensive and perhaps not mentally prepared to lube up your extremities with a product that’s consistency is comparable to frozen butter, check out NYC’s wellness blog, Well & Good. they have a list snazzy products containing the oil in it so you can ease your way into the coconut club.

good luck, and enjoy!


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