the fitness journeys of the 20 somethings

the secret life of, well rounded wellness

water aerobicssince it’s january and everyone’s talking about getting back in shape, i figured now would be an excellent time to start a little mini project inspired by one of my fellow boston pals, crispin (aka muzzy, aka muzzdog, aka quesito).

about a month ago, she said, “omg! libs! i have a really badass idea for the sugars, wanna hear it?” and then she told me, and then i agreed, and then we started from the bottom now we here. (sorry, couldn’t help myself.)

so what was muzzy’s vision? well, without giving her story away, the basic idea was to shed some light on the element of personal fitness and how we, as twenty somethings, diabetic or not, often struggle to find a way to integrate exercise into our lives. it is so incredibly rare in our little millennial, white girl culture, to truly look within and have a conversation with our bodies saying, “yo, what would really suit you, make you happy, and treat you the way you want to be treated?” …you know, kinda like that convo we all know our dream guy will have with us someday.

on a more serious note, though, this experience can be incredibly painful for many of us. coping with negative body image in our twenties can, at times, be more intense than when we were in high school and college. the dog (bitch) eat dog (bitch) world we live in as young professionals in cities stacked to the brim with brilliant and beautiful people can be a lot of pressure to keep up. it’s even harder when those beautiful people are your closest friends. no one wants to be “the fat one”, or, “the sloppy one”, or the “lazy one”.  i know personally, that at times i get so wrapped up in what everyone else is doing that i totally lose sight of what i know i should be focusing on to take care of myself. especially, since, every single one of us has something going on in our lives that hinders us from accomplishing something we’ve set out to do. maybe you tore your acl in college and you’ve never been the same since? for me, my blood sugar roller coaster hindered my focus on getting recruited to play college lacrosse. maybe you went through a nasty break-up, or you got laid off, and your emotions were so out of whack your body followed suit. whatever it is, we’ve all been there.

so here’s the deal, over the next several days, a few very talented, successful, and normal young ladiez are going to share their personal fitness journeys with you. they have all gone through times where they felt a little lost, a little out of touch with the one vessel they were given to carry them through life. however, they share the experience of being introduced to something that worked so beautifully with and for their bodies, minds, and spirits  that they stopped sizing themselves up against the non-existent competition and reinvested their energy into their own personal journey.

first, i’ll share my story, since that feels like the right thing to do and stuff. obviously it will be lengthy and dramatic because i notoriously tell slow, overly detailed stories. actually, every time i even attempt to do so, i am told to, “get there quicker,” but this is my blog so, i don’t really give a shit.

i am so incredibly appreciative that these friends have all offered to open up about their experiences. it takes a lot of courage to say, “you know, i wasn’t always so happy with myself.” and then tell the whole interwebs about it. so, kudos to them. hopefully they will find it insanely gratifying to read their own stories back to themselves and see just how amazing and inspiring they are.

remember, the purpose of this fun “mini-series,” if you will,  is to remind you that you are 100% your own being and that no one is perfect. everyone has an inner battle going on in some form, and we’re all entitled to take care of ourselves in whatever way feels and works best for us.

so, without further ado. the journeys begin…


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