the journey : it’s not always physical

well rounded wellness

run 2we’ve all been there. life can seriously suck sometimes. everyone copes with stress, overwhelming transitions, sudden loss, grief, etc., in such different ways. we’d like to go through life thinking that we’re invincible and that when the going gets tough we’ll be the silent stoic champion, but sometimes it takes a while to dig that deep and find the will to wiggle forward. for some people, a source of healing and self-fulfillment is exercise. personally, i wish that was the case for everyone so we’d stop turning to cupcakes first and the elliptical second (or third…or fourth…ok fine, or never.) my lovely friend jill, or jillybean for short (jk, i know that’s longer) shares how running is her key to mental stability, and inner strength. jill is a career focused gal that has a stunning smile slapped on her face about 95% of the time. don’t let her fool you, she works her ass off day and night to boost her professional success, but she knows how to run off her fears, melt her stress, and tap into her inner being when the going gets tough. here’s her story. 


For me, distance running is one part physical, and two parts mental. Sure, it’s an amazing, full-body workout that keeps me in shape. I’ve finished some of my longest runs still “running” with that bounce in my step, but moving slower than my grandmother could walk backwards. But if I just did it for the workout, I’m sure I could find other ways to get exercise that are more fun and less painful!

Training for a race is an awesome way to set – and achieve – measurable goals. When I was training for my first marathon, every long run I did was longer than I had ever run before. One week was 14 miles…then 16 miles…then 18 miles…then holycrapIjustran20miles…then I finished the full 26.2. It’s such an accomplishment to be able to push your body further and further, and after running my first marathon in just over 4 hours, I know I can train my body to do just about anything.

Lastly, running is more effective – and cheaper – than any anti-anxiety medication or therapy session could ever be. If I’m stressed, sad, or struggling to think through something, heading out for a run will make me feel better and clear my head, guaranteed.

Rain or shine, 15 degrees or 95, running will always be a part of my routine.

jill is one of my most favorite people on this planet. she is a great role model to her friends, and probably a lot of other people in her life. talk about steady eddy. this girl is NICE. and i mean that in like, would go to the end of the earth for someone and be beaming and cheerful the entire time, even if you asked her to do something really annoying like, buy tampons from a specialty store in kentucky. like i said, jill is a hard worker, but her compassion and her bright spirit light up a room the moment she walks in. 


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