the sugars’ 2015 holiday gift guide

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0812cd855f9f3db3e46f774230b8b645‘Tis the season of a significantly heightened awareness of our credit card debt, and believing that global warming is real because WTF is a white Christmas? Of accidentally eating chocolate for breakfast sometimes every Monday morning, and of finding it totally appropriate to drink Baileys in the shower. The season of speaking the way Michael Bublé sings and of forgetting what vegetables taste like.

For Christmas this year, all I want is a puppy and/or an unlimited supply of dill spear pickles, but I know that both of those desires are irrational and irresponsible, so I will focus on compiling a list for YOU to use to buy your lady pals with bum pancreases instead.

Here you have it, folks, the 2nd annual Sugars Holiday Gift Guide!

If she is…


Marie Diabetes Mini Crossbody by Miabetic – $58.95

If you’re anything like me, you are insanely picky about your bags. Like, so much so that I get antsy when I find out someone else has bought one for me. I’m particularly wary of the ones that claim to be trendy and practical for my diabetes supplies. Hence my continued fascination with Miabetic. Kudos to the ladies behind the operation overall because these bags are cute, reasonably priced, and genuinely fit all kinds of diabetes shit in them. This one’s a no brainer for the diabetic bag lady in your life.

Cashmere Blend Glittens by J.Crew – $30 and up

One of the most frustrating things about bundling up is… um… being bundled up. For those of us who need around the clock access to our lil’ fanger tips, “glittens” are a fashionable option that combine the trend of garb worn by peddlers the 1800’s with Madison Ave couture. Seriously, take a look at a “glitten” and tell me it doesn’t remind you of something out of a Charles Dickens novel. Anyway, the fun little detaching mitten at the top makes it super simple to check our blood sugar even if it’s frigid out. I don’t know a single lady diabetic that isn’t just dyin’ for a pair of glamorous glitts.

Chelsea Rain Booties by Jeffrey Campbell– $

I’m so happy super tall boots aren’t all the rage in the footwear fashion world anymore. Why? Because I’m too lazy to wear leg weights as shoes for an entire season. Also booties are cheaper. A lot cheaper! And since global warming seems to be in full swing, we might be in luck this winter. In fact, I just bought a new bikini to wear to work in NYC in January…
Since it’ll probably never snow and just be rainy, ugly, and depressing instead, these wellies are pretty god damn adorable and do the trick of looking sort of like normal booties but sort of waterproof enough to keep our tootsies from getting damp on the wetter days of the season.#TheGlobalWarmingStruggleIsReal

If she is a…


Travel Size Coconut Oil by Coco Luxe – $12

The sweet thing about this tiny tube o’ lube (yep, I said that), is that it is applicable to your skin whether you’re going on vaca to the tropics or the tundra this winter. Coconut oil is the most magical substance ever made on this earth, and it’s a must-have for diabetics whose hands and chins and whatever in between need a little extra moisture. Bonus points, it’s intentionally teensy so it can just permanently live in your carry-on bag without TSA stealin’ it from ya.

Speakeasy Travel Scarf by Speakeasy Travel Supply – $55


As much as I’ll deny this to your face, I know I’m nightmare going through airport security. I always feel like a drunk circus act, attempting to pull off my shoes, fish my pump out of my bra, and clench my filthy passport in my teeth, while trying not to take out the small old woman behind me in line, or embarrass my travel companions enough so that they’ll leave me for dead (or worse, so that they go to the airport bar without me). But yo, this is a scarf with a passport pocket in the damn thing. IN IT! Imagine the other possibilities it has! Test kit? Dexcom receiver? Plus they’re cozy, cute, and would be perfect for snugglin’ up on on the plane when the temps inevitably spike and plummet 300 times before your flight lands.

Overnight and Weekenders by Cuyana $150+

A girl can never have too many bags and Cuyana makes a damn good variety of just that. Not only do they make amazing, spacious weekenders that are really malleable and can take the shape of however much extra pump and CGM supplies you have to cart around with you, they have stupidly soft yet rugged leather tote bags and adorable passport wallets. Two thumbs up, Cuyana.

Bikini Bag by The Little Market – $40

I know I just gave you a bag idea, but these are extra special. They’re the perfect size for just about anything. These beautiful, handmade in Guatemala bags are all literally one-of-a-kind, and sold by a company supporting craftswomen from all over the world. So, for that test kit you’re dying to find a little zippered home for, your prayers have been answered (and you’ll be doing some good in return!)

If she is…

…a little bed bug

Being a diabetic can be totally exhausting. Hence my excuse to sleep until 11am on Saturdays as a grown ass woman. I love sleeping. We all know the key to an epic slumber is building a dream palace to rest your weary little diabetic body in every night. Nowadays it’s A LOT easier to get a quality mattress from a quality company. No more going into a creepy Sleepy’s or Bob’s discount furniture store and lying on all the gross beds or being wigged out by sales guys. Or crying when your soul dies as you spend your life savings on crazy up sells. Casper and Tuft & Needle are all the rage these days and I totally know why. I’m in it. I get it. I’m sold. AND, you get 100 night sleep trials so you can lie on your OWN mattress and do all the things you’d typically do on your own mattress. Try before you buy, baby, it’s the real deal. Also, these are super high-end, foamy mattresses that are SO inexpensive and incredibly comfortable. I have one. And would be dead without it. D-E-D dead. And, because I’m such a nice person, click here for free shipping if you do decide to check one out.


If she is a…

…Beauty Buff

Omega Treatment Milk by NUDE – $58

Everyone needs a dope moisturizer. But I like to play my diabetes card when it comes to skin care, and say that I need the most dope moisturizer. As an easily dehydrated human, I tend to splurge a little more on facial moisturizers that I know play more of a “preventative health” role than anything else. If you’re like me and turn into the freakin’ crypt keeper after August, this is your stuff. Combine the Milk with the Omega Rescue Oil and brace your face for visibly less sad/old/dead/scary looking skin and noticeably more alive/happy/spritely/springchikenesque/didIsayalive looking skin.

Creme De Corps Body Butter by Kiehl’s $38

I think my boyfriend and I single handedly keep Kiehl’s in business. I also don’t know if that’s something we should be proud of. But we can’t help itttttttt, their products are just so darn deliiiiiiiiiiightful. Not only is my skin easily dehydrated, it’s as sensitive as my wee little heart! My CGM leaves a brutal rash on me sometimes and this stuff feels like heaven when I rub it on my lil’ adhesive wounds. Kiehl’s keeps their additives and fragrances to a minimal so feel free to like, lather this shit all up in your grill and wait for the magic to sink in. The whipped body butter is so luxurious and truly buttery you might even contemplate spreading some of it on your bagel. Don’t do it, but like, I wouldn’t blame you if you’ve at least thought about it.

Tarteist Contour Palette – $45

So, first things first. I have no fuckin’ cluuuuue how to properly contour my face. I barely even know how to put mascara on. BUT! I love makeup more than peanut M&M’s, and Tarte makes the best bronzer I’ve ever worn. I appreciate  what they stand for as a makeup company, and that shit will stay on yo face for hours. Also, as a very white woman with a very white woman facial bone structure, I very seriously aspire to be in full control of a make up brush someday and a gift like this would motivate me to fine tune my skillz. #LifeGoals


…Fitness Freaks

Jurek Essential Waist Pack by Ultimate Direction– $26

Ok, I admit that this one is a little on the nerdier side, BUT, for all the runners out there, you know how challenging it is to carry all of your diabetes shenanigans along with you for the ride. With loads of pockets and light weight material, this guy won’t make you look like you’re lugging around a second set of ass cheeks on your backside.

Apple Watch Sport in Rose Gold by Apple – $349

And last but not least, we have the Apple Watch. Yes, this is a monster ticket item, BUT…for all things fitness and Dexcom and hyper-organization, Apple watches are an amazing thing.  The integration of the Dexcom G5 + Apple’s health stuff is just like…stupid easy, and no longer leaves any excuse for us to be like, “I donnoooo…I just…didn’t feel like testing today.” Seems like a small price to pay for no mo’ excuses!





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