International Diabadass Women’s Day

ride the highs, well rounded wellness

39e58cefd9a9440e53b6d39342f9239dDear Every Other Badass Lady Young And Old Who Also Happens To Be Living With Type 1 Diabetes,

Fuck yeah. You’re awesome. You are so incredibly, insanely awesome. Why? Because you are a woman and women who take care of each other, work hard, respect themselves and others, pay attention to their bodies, and give back to this world are the most amazing beings out there. And the women that I’ve crossed both physical and Internet paths with on this journey have been nothing short of all of those things. Every time I think of all of you my brain goes, “BOOM. YAS KWEEN.”

When I was first put in this tribe of lady-betics 11 years ago, I didn’t know any other lady-betics. At first I was really freaked out by that. But in the past year particularly, I have realized that on a daily basis, I am graced with the company of some pretty special gals.

On Instagram, I see how fearlessly you all own the doodads and tubes stuck on your bodies, you flaunt your gorgeous, homemade meals made of luscious greens and super foods, and how you speak words of such genuine compassion and support towards others, most of whom you’ve never even met. Being a part of that community makes my life so much richer. I feel like it’s a treat to know that Liv and Hannah, even though you’re newly diagnosed, you’re so far from alone. And that Mindy, Sara, and Erika, you’re also out there doing your thing, fighting the fight, even if it all appears to just be on a tiny social media platform. We all know it’s so much more than that.

And on your blogs, you share stories of fear, frustration, adventure, and perseverance. You spill your guts out to whoever will listen with the hope that someone will hear your battle cry or be touched by your strength. And guess what? It works. I’m listening, Kerri and Kim, (guess I should change my name to Kibby to fit in…), and without your voices, I’d feel such a tremendous void.

And let’s not forget the powerful moments IRL when I looked up in a spin class I’d obliviously attended many times and noticed the insulin pump clipped to your leggings. I was a perfect stranger to you, and yet when I nervously approached you after class, you effortlessly convinced me to hop on the CGM train and never look back. Like, holy shit. Thank you, Liz, and all of Monster Cycle for supporting Beyond Type 1. If it weren’t for you, I would have never bumped into Alyssa, my innocent spin bike neighbor who was the first person I’d met in the wild and had read my blog and acted borderline starstruck when I introduced myself. The confidence boost that 45 minute coincidence gave me influenced The Sugars and my desire to focus on this battle more than you’ll ever know.

And how about this gal, Christina, whose vision for College Diabetes Network back in 2010 when we first Facebook “chatted” was a total frickin’ game changer for me. You inspired me to pull a Robin Roberts and “make my mess my message” and I owe ya one. Big time.

There’s also niche branch of diabadass ladies that I respect with all of my might. And they’re not even diabetic. To all the d-moms out there…lookin’ at you, Kristina, BLESS YOUR ENORMOUS AND PATIENT HEARTS. Like so many amazing moms out there, you have selflessly dedicated your time and energy to empowering your kiddos to live full, happy, independent lives and as women, you are exactly what we should all aspire to be like.

To all the women out there who have crossed paths with this disease, whether you have it or not (shout out to my mom, and my cousin Katie for giving all my infusion sites their own names), just know the difference you’ve made and the energy you’ve given us to keep fighting. The support we can give each other as strong-willed, warm-hearted women is not something to be underestimated. Ever.

If I could give you all a massive hug, I would. Okay fine, I’m giving you one with my brain.

The once was lost but now is starting to feel slightly more found ladybetic,


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