Women Who Make History Month Feature: Ariel

Next, I'd like to introduce you to Ariel!

Ariel is a friend of mine here in NYC, and she is dedicated to making this world a better place than we found it.  

Ariel has lived with t1d for 12 years, and has realized that diabetes support platforms are not, in fact, very supportive due to their massive lack of accurate racial and cultural representation.

Ariel started Just a Little Suga and then Diabetics on The Margin, which is a storytelling, community building, and support platform to spotlight people of color who live with diabetes. 

"In my pursuit of a diabetes tribe and as a black woman, I seldom found individuals who looked like me (And no, I’m not referring to the dexcom-wearing, pump-bearing, meter-toting folk. I found plenty of them/ plenty of us—yayy, Type 1s.)

On platforms whose goal it was to raise diabetes awareness, and to educate and support those with this disease, I never understood why the voices of people of color were few and far between. We too, are the face of diabetes. And as statistics reveal, we are also in dire need of support, access, and education."



Learn more about and follow Ariel here:
Website:  http://justalittlesuga.com/

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  • I love Ariel!! She was one of the first Type One D’s I saw that was a reflection of me.

    Qiana Drew

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