Women Who Make History Month Feature: Qiana

Today, I want to introduce you all to Qiana Drew! 

Qiana has had t1d for 18-years and after years of struggling with her numbers and a1c's, she went on a journey to find her healthiest self.  Once she landed in a stronger version of herself, she decided she wanted to give back and be an anchor for someone else going through the challenges of t1d.

Simply put, Qiana is a superstar. She's a mama, a singer, performer, t1d advocate and so much more. Follow Qiana's journey as she fearlessly navigates her world with diabetes while helping others along the way. Also, be sure to wait for the end of her video...because...Diana Ross.   

Personal IG: @Qiqidrew
Non-Profit IG: @Diabeticculture

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