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The cost of insulin in the US is too f*cking high.

During the government shutdown, we saw federal workers like Mallory Lorge talk to Anderson Cooper about not refilling her empty insulin pump because she was more afraid than furthering her family's debt than diabetic ketoacidosis. 

Recently, group of type one's travelled with NBC Nightly news to Tijuana, Mexico to prove that the insulin costs in the US are sky high simply just because. Mexico. They walked from San Mexico. To get insulin. 

And now, a team of biohackers in California are now going so far as to make their own insulin to prove just how affordable insulin actually is, and how much big pharma has inflated prices since 2002. 

About T1International

This organization is making noise right now. They have shed light on the insulin price hikes like crazy, and are doing the work to get to policy change makers. Quickly. T1International never takes money from big pharma, and they arm people with the education and advocacy avenues to help improve the lives of those impacted by the outrageous barriers to good care and affordable insulin, all around the world.

A portion of every sale from this collection will be donated to T1International and their effort to fund advocacy training workshops and sessions in the USA. 

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