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The Sugars is a lifestyle brand. What kind of lifestyle, you ask? One lived by young people with type one diabetes who don't settle for status quo. Who are fiercely ambitious. Who are fired up about making the world a better place. Who talk about their bodies openly and proudly and don't let anyone else dictate what's best for them. Who want to wear their diabetes as a badge of honor when they wake up in the morning and eat badassery for breakfast. Sound like something you're into? Good, welcome.   

I'm Libby, and I started The Sugars back in 2010 when I was a bummed out post-grad trying to figure out how to be a proud young woman living with type one diabetes. At the time, I was not that woman, and there were extremely limited resources for someone my age to seek support, community, or contextually relevant information about what it would be like to navigate the world with this disease. As much as I adore Wilfred Brimley, his mustache, and his Oatmeal commercials, I was not willing to accept that antiquated pamphlets from the Endo, fundraising walks, basic medicinal black test kits, and elderly gents in TV ads were the best we could do to empower young women. I fundamentally believe that by rocking our diabetes publicly, and with a hint of fashün, we'll all feel much tougher, braver, and proud fo wear the badge of diabetes honor, instead of afraid. 

If you're newly diagnosed, welcome to the tribe. Be sure to visit my page about resources here. None of what you'll ever find on The Sugars is medical advice, as I am in no way, shape or form qualified to provide that. But I have created a small hub of resources that have really helped me over the years, and could make this otherwise daunting experience a little more digestible. 

If you're an old pal who's been here before, go buy a new shirt, will ya?