Let's Partner

If you and/or your brand are looking to partner with The Sugars, please reach out to hello@ihavethesugars.com


Bumble BFF

Libby, Creator of The Sugars, was selected by networking and dating app, Bumble, as one of NYC's 100 most inspiring people. Featured on FindThemOnbumble, the cover of the New York Post, and billboards, phone booths and subway stations all over NYC, the story of The Sugars was recognized by millions of commuting New Yorkers.  

Shayne NYC

Shayne, a size-inclusive, luxury clothing brand in NYC featured Libby's story about living with type 1 diabetes, creating The Sugars, and pursuing a career in advertising. 

Beyond Type 1

Libby was formally a member of Beyond Type 1's Global Ambassador Council


Libby and The Sugars were featured in OneDrop's blog on their list of, 12 Days of Diabadasses

Libby has also partnered with some amazing brands such as Perfect Snacks (formally Bars), Coola Suncare, Real Good Foods, Dexcom, SOLA Sweet, and more.