New to Diabetes

If you, your child, a family member, or friend is newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, you are not alone. It can be a shocking time. It can be an overwhelming time. There's lots to learn, lots to adjust to, new emotions to manage, new symptoms to understand, needles, numbers, guessing games and gambles. 

Simply put, it f*cking sucks. For now. But it won't forever. 

There is a whole world here to help support you.

If you're within your first year of being diagnosed, here are some of the things I wish someone had told me, and the resources to help you get started. 







    • Beyond Type 1
      • A large, non-profit organization creating community and support for a life well-lived with diabetes. Less focus on fundraising and "walks" for a cure, more "let's make sure you have who and what you need to be really happy and healthy with t1d" a very, very important organization to me. 

    • T1International
      • A global organization that's working to improve access to insulin and diabetes care at the policy and education level. Really amazing stuff. And really impactful stuff. They take no money from pharma, ever, and they're going after the big drug companies to make insulin more accessible to all. 

    • TypeOneRun
      • Big running nut? Join a TypeOneRun chapter in your city to meet some other t1d's who love to hit the pavement and rack up miles together. I am not one of these people, but maybe you are? I get anxious running in groups! Who can talk and run?!

    • Diabetics Doing Things Podcast
      • T1D, Rob Howe, is the brains behind an insanely powerful and inspiring podcast that tells the stories of young people living with t1d and doing baller stuff all over the place. Go now. You won't regret it! Here's my episode. 

    • Health & Nutrition Coaching from Lauren Bongiorno
      • Lauren has lived with t1d since elementary school and is an amazing resource for yogis, athletes, New York hustlers & entrepreneurs, health nuts, people who want to lower their a1c, and so much more. 

    • Just a Little Suga & Diabetics on the Margin
      • Ariel started Just a Little Suga to share her life living with t1d and her story evolved into a greater mission to tackle the misrepresentation of people of color within the diabetes community with Diabetics on the Margin. She's a machine, and I love her dearly. 
    • You're Just My Type 
      • Creator, Laura Pavlakovich, is another amazing t1d who started You're Just My Type to put faces to this invisible disease. Her Instagram rivals Humans of New York. She's an inspiring woman in general and every t1d should know her!  




Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, licensed therapist, pharma rep (eew) or anything 'official' what so ever. I'm just a woman with diabetes who didn't have any t1d female peers in the beginning. I'm here for you!