Beyond Type 1 + Revlon Million

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 10.26.31 AM.pngHowdy Ho, Amigos!

For the next 6 weeks, I am trying to raise as much money as possible for Beyond Type 1 in the Revlon Love Is On Million Dollar Challenge. 

What is this challenge?
An online fundraising competition! Over 100 charities will be competing for a big fat check of $1 million from Revlon. These charities are predominately geared towards women’s health in an effort to advance technology and access, and show compassion towards all the ladies out there. The organization that raises the most money by the end of October will receive the grand prize from Revlon.  I am raising money specifically for Beyond Type 1 and their amazing portfolio of awesome organizations.

What is Beyond Type 1?
BT1 is not your average diabetes organization. It’s not a platform to promise a cure or sensationalize what having diabetes is like. It’s an organization that is harvesting an insanely cool community filled with inspiring human beings determined to simultaneously make people with diabetes the coolest on the planet, while also making diabetes disappear forever. I really believe in this organization, and am representing them as a global ambassador. They have a really unique financial structure that allows them to put all funds donated directly towards their portfolio of cutting edge causes they support. Those causes are:

  • The Human Trial – Diabetes Documentary currently in production
  • The Diabetes Research Institute – The first team of researchers to have successfully transplanted healthy islet cells on the surface of the omentum.
  • Nightscout A foundation created for diabetes data “in the Cloud” that’s accessible to parents with Type 1 children.
  • Marjorie’s Fund – A non-profit providing resources and education to diabetics in poor and rural areas 
  • Tidepool – An open-sourced non-profict building a secure and comprehensive platform for diabetes data.
  • T1D International – Working on a global scale, this organization is dedicated to securing insulin and diabetes supplies for those who can’t afford it.
  • Riding On Insulin – An organization that offers action sport camps (such as skiing and snowboarding) to kids and teens with Type 1
  • Viacyte – The leader in regenerative medicine, researching pancreatic beta cell replacement therapy.

Do I get free makeup if I donate?
Unfortunately, no (darn.) But at the end of the challenge, I will be sending giveaways to my biggest donors with both Beyond Type 1 and The Sugars swag! I’ll also be doing a full takeover on Sunday, September 18th to boost funds even MORE. So stay tuned.

Ok, fine, I’ll fork over some cash. How do I donate?
Visit my crowd rise page here!

I’m confused as hell, but still want to help. Can I email you with my questions?
My email is 

Let’s make it rain!


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