I’m On The Radio!

13282151_10104096448131935_181169014_nA few months ago, I Internet-met LA video and radio guy, Craig Stubing. This is Craig’s bitmoji and I think it describes him (or what I know of him) to a T.

Craig Stubing also has type 1 diabetes (he’s one of those guys who never calls himself a diabetic, he has type 1, he isn’t a type 1. ughhhh. what a stickler!)

Anywho, Craig has a podcast called Beta Cell where he chats with other diabetics PEOPLE WITH DIABETES, and they share their stories. I love podcasts. And I love hearing myself talk. So naturally, we chatted about getting The SugaSugs on there! Photo on 5-19-16 at 8.56 PM #3

Here I am with a microphone. Which was the most fun toy I’ve ever had in my possession. Like, ever. The project has been a labor of love; mostly on his part because all I had to do was talk (for 2 hours.) I sincerely appreciate you, Craig, for cutting out about 40% of the f’bombs I irrationally dropped while recording, and for making sure I am speak at the very least, semi-coherent English throughout the episode.

So without further ado, check out the Pod! And as always, don’t hesitate to reach out, ask questions, or scold me for saying “like” too many times!

Also be sure to check out Beta Cell on:



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