Think Outside Of Santa’s Workshop

ticketshey there, how was your black friday? useless? and cyber monday? a wash? yeah, i agree. personally, i think black friday should be banned from our calender. what a shitty way to celebrate the health and happiness of your family on thanksgiving, amiright? nothing says, “i love my tribe and i sincerely value the time we rarely get to spend together” like standing in line at target for 7 hours in the snow dressed like a homeless person. trust me, i’m all about a good bargain. i deemed myself a top notch maxxinista ages ago. but the drastic measures we take to purchase basically useless shit these days, is really absurd. 

last night, i had a chat with 2 pals over drinks. “what was the most disappointing gift you’ve ever received on christmas?” was the question. the conversation that unfolded thereafter was enlightening. cumulatively, we realized that the unimpressive gifts over the years had often been the most materialistic ones. ones where someone clearly didn’t think it through, but saw the label and thought, “this will suffice because it’s pretty.”

the most valuable and meaningful, however were the gifts of an experience. 

what i have come to find out at this old age of mine, is that giving people stuff is kind of dumb. if i like a hand bag or a pair of jeans, i’ll save up, (jk, i’ve never saved a dime in my life, who am i kidding?) and i’ll go buy said materialistic, arbitrary item for myself. super lame, right? gifting something to someone that you know will actually improve their life in some capacity is what i charge you (and myself!) to shoot for this year.

think outside the box for whomever you’re shopping for. ponder what that person loves to do, what they’re passionate about, what  they fundamentally believe in as a person. are they a yogarama? a book worm? future chef? a total boozebag? can you buy them tickets to a play they’ve been wanting to see? how about a voucher to their favorite mountain for a lift ticket? can you frame a picture for them of a trip you recently went on with them? how about a gift card to their favorite spin studio for a free class or two? the opportunities are endless.

the other thing i have found with gifting people in this style, is that it makes you, as a typically anxiety ridden gift giver, feel significantly more confident that what you have chosen for this person will mean something to them.

now, you can be very strategic about this. you don’t have to break the bank, and you don’t have to spend days researching every single detail about the person’s past, present, and future to find out a meaningful experiential gift for them. here are some thought starters for ideas if you’re stuck, and a few websites that can help you narrow down your choices, and shave a few dollars off of your purchase.

tickets: sports, concerts, theater, movies, museums, plane
gift cards: yoga studios, spa, gym, starbucks, grocery stores, craft store
trips: skydiving, white water rafting, hiking, vineyard tours, nascar, hot air balloons, harbor cruises, bike tours
books: cook books, business books, life advice, quotes, novels, poetry
lessons: golf, piano, voice, flying, cooking, beer brewing
art: framed photos, prints, photo albums (no one makes these anymore, but they’re still so amazing!)
supplies: calligraphy pens, paper, paint brushes, tools, camera accessories
gear: running stuff, yoga mat, camping items

websites that’ll help you not go broke (hopefully):
cloud 9 living
gilt city
no more rack
one king’s lane
jet setter
voyage prive
stub hub

so, best of luck. remember, be creative. be confident! christmas time and gift giving is supposed to be a charming and wonderful experience filled with warm fuzzies and glitter and smiles and stuff.


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